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It all started when...

I was asked to develop and then run an online writing fellowship for IEEE Earthzine. The project, now wrapping up work with a third cohort of talented students, forces me to set aside stories I think are exceptional for one reason or another, which I then use as supplemental reading assignments. Since our course website is private, I thought I would duplicate the list for others. Some of these pieces represent, to me, all that is good in the world of both writing and scientific communication, like Rebecca Altman's essay American petro-topia; others are playful or tackle storytelling in a unique way, like Shanna Baker and Mark Garrison's Cuttlefish Brawl.

It is, by no means complete and if you have suggestions for additions, I'd love to hear from you!

* Keep checking back; I'm always updating this list. And, send me links to stories you enjoyed reading recently -- I'll add them to our list! *

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