Jenny Woodman - Portland, Oregon

I'm a science writer, editor, and educator.  My area of expertise is all things ocean-related -- from earth observing satellites monitoring ocean winds to explorations of the diverse coastal regions in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2017, I served as Science Communication Fellow for Ocean Exploration Trust - E/V Nautilus. We spent two weeks on board the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus off the coast of California exploring Cordell Bank Marine Sanctuary -- we saw deep sea corals, sponges, octopuses, black-footed albatross, blue whales and so much more. This summer I will join the Nautilus team as Lead Science Communication Fellow for three-week joint mission with NASA off the coast of Hawaii -- we'll be exploring underwater volcanoes with robots!

My work also can be found in Proteus, IEEE EarthzineEnsia MagazineThe Atlantic, Portland Monthly, and OES Beacon.